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What is Empower?

At our Studio, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community where joy, support, compassion, and empowerment intertwine. Our mission is to create an environment where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities come together to find their strength, push their limits, and transform their lives.

We believe in the power of joy, as we strive to infuse every pedal stroke and beat with contagious positivity. Our studio is a space where smiles are abundant, laughter is encouraged, and the exhilaration of each ride fuels our collective energy.

Support is the cornerstone of our community, where we rally around one another, lifting each other up through both triumphs and challenges. We foster an atmosphere of unwavering encouragement, where every person feels valued and heard. Together, we ride as a united force, fostering camaraderie and forging deep connections that extend beyond the studio walls.

Compassion guides our actions, as we cultivate an environment of understanding and empathy. We honor the unique journeys and experiences of all our members, recognizing that each person's path is different. With open hearts and minds, we create a safe space where individuals can find solace, heal, and grow.

We are committed to empowering one another, recognizing the strength within and helping each person tap into their untapped potential. Through inspiring instructors, dynamic workouts, and a supportive community, we embolden individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace their inner warrior, and achieve their goals both on and off the bike.

At Empower, we stand together, united by the shared values of joy, support, community, compassion, and empowerment. We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we ride towards a brighter, stronger future.

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Our Empower Trainers









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Empowered people, Empower People

Our philosophy is that mental strength precedes physical strength, and we take pride in providing a safe and inclusive environment for people of all fitness levels. Our passion lies in inspiring you to discover your inner fire and come alive.

We see YOU.

We believe in YOU.

We are here to support YOU.

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Words have Power

A Recipe for Community

Blog by Fresh Air Brigade ,-Shannon Kaschak

Blog by Fresh Air Brigade ,-Shannon Kaschak

5.6.23 Words Have Power

How many words do you think you speak in a day? Research shows you speak, on average, 7,000 words in a day. 7,000 opportunities to share your knowledge. 7,000 opportunities to prove a point. 7,000 opportunities to change the world.

So, what’s in a word? If we only get 7,000 of them a day, we have to make them count. I recently asked our community for one word that they’d use to describe Empower Cycle.

Can just one word start a community, build friendships and create a network of support? Can just one word change a life?

Community is the answer to loneliness. In a world so utterly connected, it’s amazing how easy it is to feel lonely. And yet, with just a few people who think like you, the world seems a little less grey. When you’ve found those people, you hold on tight. You pour your energy into lifting each other up. This is a living, breathing thing, and what you give, you get back ten fold. As you walk together, you learn each other’s temperaments and begin to understand how you fit together. The moments big and small inspire not only the individual, but the community as a whole.

So, what’s it like to be a part of this kind of community? Nestled in a beach town, surrounded by palm trees and under the blazing sun you’ll find us- jamming out to a new playlist every ride, sweaty, but happy. One of our incredible instructors will be up there, motivating us as they share their life experience and boldly, yet vulnerably challenge us to be the best people we can be. The workout is invigorating. We dance. We sing. We cheer. We cry. This is a safe place to grow into the person you were meant to become.

These people who become friends, who then become family are inspiring. The dedication to one another leaves you at a loss for words. Together, we have made the promise to show up for each other.

Together, we are unstoppable.

At the end of class we leave feeling powerful, uplifted and grateful. We leave empowered, having left it all on the table and taken what we needed from the people around us. We leave knowing that our people have got our back, and there is nothing more invincible than that.

And you know what is downright magical about this community?

There is *always* room for one more.

So. Can just one word change a life?

Our community would say so.

5..15.23 A Recipe for

You ever look up a vegan enchilada recipe on Pinterest, find the most delectable photos only to have to scroll through an endless blog post telling you the author’s entire life story, their hopes and dreams and then after 27 years of reading get to the recipe you were looking for? I want to tell you this will be different. But let’s be honest, I’m about to take you on a journey. Don’t hate.

Empower Cycle was born from Bri Murphy’s acknowledgment of a deficit. We live in a society that places profound value on monetary success. Organizations focus on generating revenue, often times forgetting that there is a living, breathing human behind the plastic being swiped.

At the heart of Empower Cycle is community. A place where all are welcome. A place where you can hold space for others, and reasonably expect them to hold space for you. This is revolutionary. In a culture that is constantly asking you to buy the newest, shiniest version of whatever you just bought a year ago, it’s refreshing to invest one’s time and money into a community that remains steady. Our community changes regularly- new riders try a class and are immediately welcomed into the fold. Playlists change based on current popular songs, or current moods that need to be worked through. There’s a varying array of t shirts and tank tops. You never know who you’ll sit by today, or who you’ll be celebrating.

But the truth is, even with the day to day changes, this community is built on a firm foundation, one Bri has worked hard to cultivate, and that foundation is a steady and calming presence for anyone who gets on that bike.

Starting next month, we will be moving to our own studio! This is a big and exciting change for our community, but one we all celebrate jubilantly because we know that no matter where we ride, we’ve always got each other’s backs.

Recipe for Building Community

•1 Person with a vision

•4 (more or less, depending on your situation) people who live in your house that support you through and through

•Generous helping of tenacity

•a sprinkle of hope

Pour your whole heart into it. Mix it all together, and trust the process.

Come be a part of our community, and see the magic for yourself! We’ll see you on the bike.

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Join us!

We can't wait to meet you! Email us or text us with any questions or concerns at brianne@empowercycles.com


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Our Address: 28280 Old 41 rd #9 Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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Meet Bri

As the owner and founder of Empower Cycle, Bri identified a lack of empowerment in businesses during her five years of work experience after being a business owner. She observed that most businesses prioritize generating revenue over fostering a sense of community. Determined to change this, Bri's sole objective is to ensure that every person who enters her studio feels accepted and embraced for who they are. She discovered the beauty of Southwest Florida and recognized an opportunity to cater to the needs of the community. Although the studio's location and staff are crucial to its success, the heart and soul of Empower Cycle emanates from the riders within the community. Everyone is warmly welcomed with open and loving arms, and the team strives every day to provide the space envisioned by Bri.

With a deep-seated love for outdoor activities and spin, Bri founded Empower Cycle, where she could blend her two passions. Her devotion to spin began seven years ago and since then, she has trained with various instructors at different studios worldwide. Bri strives to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all those who walk into her studio, promoting love and fostering a supportive community.

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Meet Angelica

More than a decade ago, Angelica discovered her love for fitness when she met her future husband at the gym. He introduced her to spin class, and it was an instant attraction! The physical endurance and strength training enabled her to appreciate her body, which ignited a deep passion for fitness that she felt compelled to share with others. Over the years, Angelica has taught a variety of classes, including strength, spin, and yoga, both locally and internationally.

Angelica was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Detroit, Michigan, and has been a resident of Naples, Florida, since 2005, bringing a mix of tropical vibes, urban flair, and relaxed Florida attitude to her classes. Her music has a strong Latin influence that will have you moving to the beat!

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Meet Lisa

Lisa hails from New Jersey, and her personality has that Jersey edge to it. She has a talent for connecting with both people and animals, and she works part-time as a vet tech while also training dogs. Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, teaching for more than a dozen of those years. She teaches with a sense of humor and from the heart, and her playlists are eclectic because she loves all genres of music. Lisa often creates class themes based on her playlists.

In Lisa's class, you are welcomed just as you are, and she encourages you to take what you need from the class without feeling pressure to do more or less than you feel comfortable with.

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Meet Diego

Diego was originally from Medellin, Colombia, but at the age of 12, he relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where he picked up English and American customs. He is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Brenda, and together they have four children, two dogs, two cats, and a plethora of plants.

Diego is an avid enthusiast of physical activity, sports, and fitness, constantly seeking new challenges to test his physical and mental limits. Alongside his job as a mortgage broker, he enjoys instructing cycling classes, coaching his son's soccer team, and dancing with his wife. In his spare time, Diego can be found engaging in outdoor activities such as playing soccer and basketball with his kids, playing pickleball, going on bike rides, and visiting the beach.

With an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, and an endless supply of dad jokes, Diego brings his passion and intensity to everything he does. His move to Naples in 2022 was an ideal fit for his love of the great outdoors.

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Meet Jamie

Jamie DePaola is an experienced fitness coach who holds several certifications, including personal training, group fitness instruction, sports performance, running, and gymnastics coaching. She has been coaching for more than a decade, and her passion for coaching stems from her own experiences as an athlete. She believes in providing the same kind of support to her clients that her coaches provided to her, and this has become her mission.

Jamie is also a passionate ultramarathon runner, and you can often find her running across the state of Florida. Her background as a competitive gymnast and collegiate athlete has given her a solid foundation to specialize in various areas, including functional movements, cardiovascular fitness, balance, isometrics, calisthenics, running, and cycling.

Jamie is originally from Perry Hall, Maryland, and is a former national champion gymnast for the University of Bridgeport. She has completed five 100-mile races and one 200k race and is currently a lululemon ambassador.

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Meet Brenda

Brenda's love for cycle classes blossomed during her time in Michigan, leaving a profound impact on her. However, when the Covid pandemic emerged, all the local studios were forced to shut down, leaving Brenda without her cherished cycling sessions. Fortunately, she discovered solace in a Peloton bike, which became her trusted companion and allowed her to nurture her passion for the sport. Throughout the quarantine period, the bike proved to be a vital outlet, enabling Brenda to enter a focused state of mind and dedicate an hour solely to herself.

After relocating to Naples, Brenda's fortunes took a turn for the better when she crossed paths with Bri. Meeting Bri reintroduced her to the thrilling experience of live cycle classes, reigniting her passion for the activity. What made these classes even more exhilarating for Brenda was the chance to incorporate her childhood love for dance and choreography. The fusion of these two elements brought a dynamic flair to her cycle sessions, and Brenda couldn't contain her excitement at merging her passion for cycling with her fondness for dance.

Brenda's story originates from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, where she grew up. Over the years, she developed a deep appreciation for outdoor activities and exploring new destinations with her family. Happily married to her high school sweetheart and a proud mother of four beautiful children, Brenda's love for yoga became a significant part of her life. For over a decade, she found solace in the practice, considering it a sanctuary during chaotic times. With most of her children attending school, Brenda embarked on a new journey to become a yoga teacher.

Initially, Brenda turned to yoga as a means to stay fit and shed some pounds. However, as time passed, it evolved into a profound passion. Slow Flows and Yin Meditations became her preferred styles, as they provided her with inner peace and tranquility. Brenda's practice of yoga bestowed her with a newfound sense of confidence and self-love. She strongly believes in the transformative power of yoga and seeks to share the feelings of calmness and serenity it brings. For Brenda, yoga is not only about building a positive community but also about personal growth and becoming the best version of oneself while aiding others in their own journeys.

When Brenda learned about Empower's vision, she felt an immediate connection and knew that she wanted to be a part of it.

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Meet Missy

Missy's passion for fitness ignited at the young age of 15, and it has since become an integral part of her life. In January 2016, she had her first transformative experience during a Yoga class at Treetop Yoga Gloucester. From that moment, Missy knew that Yoga was meant to be a constant presence in her life. Eager to deepen her practice, she embarked on her teacher training journey in the fall of 2016 and earned her certification in June 2017.

Through Yoga, Missy discovered a profound connection between her mind, body, and breath—an experience that resonated deep within her soul. As a Yoga instructor, she aspires to evoke that same connection in her students, encouraging them to slow down and rediscover themselves. Missy's flows incorporate an element of zest, and you might even break a sweat, but rest assured, it's all part of the journey.

In addition to her Yoga expertise, Missy is also a certified Barre instructor. Recently, she and her husband Matt relocated from Massachusetts to Naples in May 2021, embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Missy is a proud mother to two daughters, Rachel and Jordan, and shares her home with two furry companions, Jack and Rico.

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Meet Nikki

For over 14 years, Nikki has been a professional in the fitness and wellness fields. Her Bachelor of Science degree, obtained in 2007, focused on human mechanics and exercise prescription. Nikki maintains various certifications, including Personal Training and Group Fitness (AFAA). She believes in training the mind and connecting with emotions, particularly through daily movement.

Nikki is an expert trainer in Cardio Yoga, a Barefoot Specialist, a Level II Reiki Practitioner, an Orangetheory Coach, and has instructed other programs such as Silver Sneakers, BUTI Yoga, indoor cycling, and willPower for girlPower throughout her career.

Nikki relocated from Arkansas to Naples in August 2020 to pursue her passion for living by the beach while teaching and leading fitness daily. She hopes to make a small but positive difference in the lives of others.

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Customer Reviews

"Empower is great spin. Awesome instructors who push you but are also good with novices. All outdoor with sunsets and a beautiful lake as your backdrop. Plus The Cove offers food and drinks if you need a treat post-workout."

-Ryan Eichler

"Dropped into these classes while on vacation, and they were absolutely incredible! Love that you can buy just 1 class (no membership required) and shoes are included at no additional cost. Sunshine, tan, and an awesome workout!"

-Halie Vilagi

"An amazing class! Going back for more!"

-Mandy Leetang

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